Web Development

This website

All pure 100% hand-crafted HTML5 & CSS3, tested on latest Firefox, Opera and Chrome. Initially I thought about just making a simple blog for my essays in WordPress, but then I found out about Neocities and decided to try my hand at making a simple website instead. Then it kinda "bloated" into what it is now. This is actually pretty fun!

Neocities is very limited in its capabilities, so modern full-stack web development with a fancy SPA is a practical impossibility. That said, constrained development is quite rewarding. Trying to make this look and behave like it's modern without any JavaScript is an exploration.

Angular2 & MEAN

Largeish half a year university team project of 2016-2017, where I learned how to use the full MEAN stack consisting of MongoDB, ExpressJS, Angular2 and Node.. and deploy it to Heroku.