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I am currently studying computer science at University of Turku. My main interests are in the field are machine learning and human-computer interaction. I did my bachelor's thesis about machine learning with title Koneellinen syväoppiminen: metodit ja arkkitehtuurit (Machine Deep Learning: Methods and Architectures). Thesis focused on technical similarities and differences between the different deep learning methods, and classification principles of their architectures.

I'm fluent in Finnish, English, Swedish and Norwegian, with a decent grasp of German and Chinese.

My motto in computing is "Boring is good, efficiency ideal". Speed, safety and clear architecture design are my forte. Having used a lot of different programming languages from all different paradigms out of sheer curiosity – ranging from C++ to Haskell to Clojure – grants me an wide perspective to writing software.


You can get in touch with me by simply sending a mail. My GitHub is at github.com/otjura.